Friday, April 19, 2013

Puddle play and school delays. It's raining here!

We are having MASSIVE rain storms and flooding. Never in my 35 years have I seen such damage from mother nature. My kids were home from school today due to the rain and flooding. We played in puddles, cleaned out toy boxes and had a great day just hanging together. We are high and dry although our neighbors are not so lucky. I took the kids out for a "tour" tonight to check out all the damage it really is just amazing. Pretty sure this one will go down in the history books!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Here it is December, almost Christmas!! An update is coming....stay tuned! Oh how I miss pouring my memories here. So much has changed, the kids are growing, we have a new 4 legged friend. Tomorrow, I will blog!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Stiches, haircuts, pigtails & everything else

Oh my poor blog. I knew it would not be long before you were neglected. Every time I promise I wont let the days go undocumented......grrr than they do! SO here is a recap of the crazienss in the Sheely household. Last month Colton rode his scooter into the back of Pa-Pa's trailer and cut his head a good one. I was gone for the evening so daddy called our neighbor the Dr. (how lucky are we?) to come check things out. Dr. Jeff ended up stitching Colton's head up on the kitchen table and everything returned to normal before I got home. Hot Dog! It's fantastic to have a Dr. next door to help! Colton was very brave and proud of his battle wound and I was relieved the whole ordeal was over before I even made it home.
This is the picture I got in a text message from John asking "Where are the insurance cards?" Nice right? Next issue, Colton decided he want's to be a barber! Clearly no future there! Seriously glad he shaved his own head and not Jenna's
The super cute thing about this is that I was taking a "rare" nap and daddy was on duty. I think Colt must have snuck in the bathroom shaved his little head and headed into his room for a nap. When he awoke, he completely forgot about his little barber shop session and when I asked him "what the H happend to your hair?!" He really had no idea. I laughed the rest of the day. These days Miss May is my shadow. She is stubborn, independent and cute as the day is long. She loves here Mommy and I am beyond smitten with my mini.
Folks, we have pigtales. How sweet it is! This litterly made my day!
Baseball is in full swing and Kyle and Noah's schedule keeps us going 4 nights a week and weekends. I am in love with watching the boys in a team sport. John is super busy with work and I am busy sharing my LOVE of the Visalus products with the world.
Oh Yeah, I have lost 35 pounds and feel absolutly amazing! Here are a few extra pics of my loves
I will be better I promise!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colton's Big Ride

Spring has sprung and it is oh so sweet! We spent the whole day playing outside. We grilled hamburgers for dinner and the boys wore more dirt than I have ever seen. Miss May cruised up and down our private road in her walker and I soaked up the sun. Colton decided today was the big day to learn to ride his bike with out the training wheels. I took them off as requested and daddy gave instruction. Colton was off and riding on his first try. I was so proud of my brave boy. Another day another milestone, way to go Bean! These truly are the best days of our lives.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A New Set Of Tubes

Miss May got her second set of tubes put in on monday.  It was a long time coming as she has had an ear infection for well over a month.  She had completed 4 rounds of antibiotics, 2 bottles of ear drops, countless doses of Advil and Tylenol and a $30 box of Cultural to keep her from getting C-Diff.  To say she has been absolutely misarble would be a major understatement.  She was not eating or sleeping and she was only semi content if I held her all day.  We were up bright and early monday and her surgery was completed and we were on our way home by 8:30a.m.  Her ears were still horribly infected and her ear drums were covered in blisters.  We have continued to give her the antibiotics and pain meds.  I thought today she was finally starting to feel a little better, as for the sleeping part, we are still working on that.  Here's hoping that these tubes stay in and my little peanut is rounding the corner on this nasty ear issue.
Waiting for the Dr. we were all tired 

They put her little hospital band right over her pj's

Daddy trying to keep her happy (not really working) 

On the way home and Miss May was a little out of it. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Birthday Fit For A Princess

I am a little late blogging about Miss May's princess party.  We have been busy with an endless amount of sickness over running our home.  Thats another post.
A first birthday is a big deal and needs to be celebrated accordingly.  What kind of party would suit our little royal peanut?  Why a princess party of course.  We celebrated in style.  Pa-Pa and Grandma Sher Bear were extra kind and let us drop cake and spaghetti all over their house.  We were thrilled to have our family help celebrate Jenna's special day.  We decorated for a princess, ate an Italian feast of pasta, lasagna and salad.  Jenna was perfectly dressed in her special birthday tutu Grandma Sher Bear bought her.  Her cake was an amazing treat specially made by Sher Bear the great.  Jenna loved eating the wrapping paper and cried when she felt like it, after all it was her party.  She dove into her cake a needed a bath when finished.   It was a special day and I was honored to have our family share it with us.  Still cannot believe my baby is 1.  Wish I could freeze moments like this and keep my kiddos itty bitty for a bit longer.
A princess cake 

Goody bags 

Miss May's crown

Jenna loves her biggest brother 

She loves to watch the horses out back 

Silly girl 

Pa-Pa Steg 

Grandma's girl 

She loves to eat paper 

Pretty Bitty (my niece) and Grandma 

Me and the birthday girl 

Mom and Dad loving on the princess 

See, I told you she cried 

To good for a crown 

Cake time

Feeding Daddy

Time to get a bath and eat some bubbles 

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